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Network for Psychotherapeutic Care in Europe

making Psychotherapy more visible

The search for the best strategies for the provision of psychotherapeutic care will concern all European health systems equally, for it must be their goal to offer quality-assured care for mentally ill people and to no longer accept the existing gaps in care provision. In order to include psychotherapeutic expertise sufficiently in the process, those who are employed in the field of psychotherapy in Europe should work more closely together.

The Network for Psychotherapeutic Care  in Europe is a joined effort of representatives of psychotherapeutic care form various european countries who want to profit from the experience and expertise of all those who are largely or exclusively employed in psychotherapy within their health care systems.

Our Activities


  • Organization of Annual Conferences 
  • To build a dynamic network in the field of Psychotherapy for the exchange of:



    • Experience with colleagues from different European countries
    • Information on current legislative procedures and activities in the field of health and psychotherapy at European level
    • Information on national developments in the field of psychotherapeutic care
    • Views with policy makers


Our Objectives


  • To improve access to psycho¬therapy across Member states
  • To enhance collaboration across professional groupings in the field of psychotherapy
  • To further knowledge and understanding of psychotherapeutic care and develop new ideas and models
  • To intensify research into psychotherapy in Europe 
  • To link the work of experts in psychotherapy to the decision making process at EU-leve
  • To advance the role of psychotherapy as a significant treatment for psychological difficulties 


Actually psychotherapists from 20 EU Member States collaborate within NPCE.

The initiative of founding a european network was first discussed on the conference "Psychotherapy in Europe - Desease Management Strategies for Depression".